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DELL, HP, IBM, SUN, HUAWEI, CISCO - Corrective and preventive maintenance with global support 24/7 - 365 on servers

Servers Maintenance

Technicians available 24 hours a day in 168 countries, performing corrective and preventive maintenance on servers, storages, and other IT equipment.

- Upgrade of controller cards, HDD, memories, processors, supplies, tape drives.
- Firmware updates, drive, BIOS, software installation, operating systems plus desktop and server virtualization.
- Internal hygiene in IT equipment.
- Remote incident tracking.
- Real-time ticket updates 24 hours a day with trilingual call center.

Break-fix solutions for servers, storage and other types of IT hardware.

Full end-to-end server life cycle query and management.

Servers Maintenance

Supplier management, including purchase and installation of server hardware.

Incident management, Problem management, Change management..

Logistic centers distributed throughout the world.
Servers Maintenance

 Proactive and reactive server monitoring.
 Incident management, Problem management, Change management.
Supplier management, including purchase and installation of server hardware.

Support Global

Support 7/24 -365

Accompaniment necessary after the opening of the call, supply of parts with logistics centers distributed in Chile. Technicians available 24 hours.
Performing corrective and preventive maintenance on servers.

Remote Incident Tracking

Remote Incident Tracking

24-hour real-time ticket updates with trilingual call center.


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