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Corrective and Preventive Maintenance.

We are specialize in reducing effective IT costs.

Technicians distributed throughout, logistical centers of equipment distribution strategically localized to attend your company at the highest level that the IT demands.


Technicians distributed in 168 countries.

Unlimited Remote Calling

We guarantee information security by working with critical SLA's and best trading conditions.

IT Quotes

Structure of resources, parts and distribution centers, to obtain high quality of IT solutions, reducing the costs of your company.


Supporting 24x7 mission-critical environments with SLA's rigid with Monthly Maintenance and Call-by-Call contracts, according to customer needs.

Technical Assistance Specialized  

Global Support - Technicians available 24 hours a day in 168 countries.

HP Support

HP Support

Technical assistance specialized in HP Servers and Storages maintenance.

Dell Support

Dell Support

Technical assistance specialized in Dell Servers and Storages  maintenance.

IBM Support

IBM Support

Technical assistance specialized in IBM Servers and Storages maintenance.


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